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Here at the Kapre Lounge Vape Shop, we supply a number of vape kits and vape accessories for all levels. We have all our vape products available to try and test out before you buy, so we know you are getting exactly the right vape kit you need. We know that one size doesn't fit all, so let us take you through the right process and help find your perfect vape kit.

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Kapre Lounge Ltd is a well established, well known vape shop in Surrey. At Kapre Lounge Ltd our aim is to provide quality vape shop services including premium E-liquid from the USA and UK, vape mods and vape accessories. We are situated in Surrey and we can provide a quality service across Surrey and many of the surrounding areas.

  • CBD Gummies

  • CBD Sublingual Drops 

  • CBD Vape Additives

  • CBD Moisturisers

  • CBD Massage Oils

We also carry a large selection of CBD Vape Oils and Oral Supplements. As with any herbal supplement please check with your doctor and do your own research before use. We are unable to recommend dose or diagnose patients, always consult a medical professional.

Without your support and loyalty, we wouldn't have grown so popular and become so successful in such a short space of time, within the vaping industry. As a big thank you, we will always try wherever we can to bring you the best offers, support, help and advice. 

  • Lowest Store Prices - We constantly scan online and make adjustments to give our customer the best prices

  • Price Promise - We will match any UK store within a 5 mile radius

  • Uniform Discounts - We offer 15% off store purchases to all customers in Uniform (Police, Military, NHS, Firefighters and more)

  • Loyalty Scheme - Returning customers can enjoy free eliquids when their eCards are full, earn points as you spend.


For a trusted vape shop in Surrey look no further than Kapre Lounge Ltd - If you have any questions please feel free to contact Kapre Lounge Ltd via telephone – 01737212219 or via Email:


Kapre Lounge Ltd – Vape Shop Surrey

Oh yeah.... Did we mention we are fully backed by the NHS Quit 51 Stop Smoking Clinics in the surrounding surrey area.

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