Sit Back and Relax..... Our CBD face masks have been specially made using Naturally Pure CBD and the best essential oils, use this remarkable and relaxing mask as part of your face care regime. Simply unravel the silk face mask, re-soak in the face mask solution and apply to the face for between 10-15 minutes. Enjoy the beautiful aroma of Wild Orange and Bergamot essential oils.


2 x Face Masks
10mg of Natural CBD per Mask
Full Spectrum CBD
Wild Orange and Bergamont Essential Oils
Blended from Golden Rich 40% CDB oil
Shake Well Before Use

Non-psychoactive blend

Based on Golden Rich CBD oil, we have taken this remarkable product and altered its strength and flavour profile across our product range.

We hope you enjoy your "Naturally Pure" product.
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Kapre CBD Face Mask Pack 20MG

  • This product is not intended to cure disease nor do we have the legal right to such claims. These are natural product remedies, as with any herbal supplement please check with your doctor and do your own research before use. We are unable to recommend dosage or diagnose patients, always consult a medical professional.  

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